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Who we are

Who is LaCoona Consulting?

We are a small company, started in 2021, with a mission to improve the communication and relationships in the workplace, using recognized and respected training and teaching tools, including Clifton Strengths’ Talent Assessment and the DiSC Personality Profile, along with a personalized touch.


Our trainings start with the assessments, but then go above and beyond, by putting the data together and working through it in a team environment for a unique, memorable experience that will not only help employees understand one another and work together, but that won’t be quickly forgotten or discarded.

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Who else is LaCoona Consulting?

Behind the scenes, we are a team of just three people– Dennis Cooley, Larry Bierke, and Emily Call.

Dennis is our certified trainer and the “face” of LaCoona Consulting, and the person that the participants will get to know.  He is an outgoing and energetic person that is super passionate about helping people communicate in the most effective way for the best possible success.  Dennis not only makes the trainings fun and enjoyable, but is excellent at including everyone and getting the most from the time spent together.

Emily and Larry handle more of the behind-the-scenes work, including accounting, marketing, partnerships, and management aspects.  All three are from the region and understand the dynamics, challenges, and potential facing companies and their employees.

Not only have they each gone through the programs themselves, but they have a passion for unlocking communication in an organization so people can realize their full team potential!