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Training Programs

Before we get into the trainings offered by LaCoona Consulting, let’s answer a few questions.

  • How many trainings have you been to for your job?
  • How quickly does the information fade after you attend a training?
  • Does it make a long-lasting difference in your work life?  Or even your personal life?
  • What would it mean for your company to find a training that had a lasting, positive impact on your employees?


That’s what LaCoona Consulting offers.  We take successful, recognized strengths and profile tests and present the data in a meaningful, engaging, and truly unique way so the participants not only understand themselves better, but they understand their coworkers better.

Our program consists of multiple classes, each one builds upon the next to make the communication picture come into complete focus so it can be harnessed and used in a helpful way.  Over 1,100 participants have gone through the LaCoona training programs.


Class 1: Know the Person, Part 1: Participants

Participants explore their personal Core Values, are given a simple DiSC personality assessment and start to choose the words they will later use to develop their personal mission and vision statements for their work at their current employers. Participants also learn about one another as they share important information and perform vulnerability exercises together. We model the behavior that helps to build truly outstanding teams.  Order class!


Class 2: Know the Person, Parts 2-3: Stress and Time Management

Participants work on methods to reduce stress as they take on more responsibilities at their respective workplaces. We talk a lot about the status of important relationships within the business organization and how we can improve those relationships. We talk about beliefs the participants have about themselves and how those beliefs either move them toward their goals or hinder their ability to achieve goals. During the Time Management piece, we discuss how leaders need to continually develop their leadership skills as they use them to complete their personal vision statements. Order class!


Class 3: Grow the Leader, Parts 1-2: CliftonStrengths and Everything DiSC Workplace

Participants combine the previous work on Core Values with talents/strengths and work personalities to form what we believe is an unbelievably strong position of personal insight. By combining values, strengths and personality, we develop a greater understanding of the common ground we have with those we lead or supervise as well differences that serve to be advantages on our teams. These assessments have proven to be very valuable to budding and established leaders. Order class!


Class 4: Grow the Leader, Part 1: Strengths and DiSC continued.

Each training is roughly four hours long, so we interlock them during Classes 3 and 4. We talk about the advantages of building a strengths-based approach to leadership and the data that supports this approach. During this class, we transition from Know the Person to Grow the Leader as we use the knowledge gained in the first three classes to begin to shape each participant’s mission statement for leadership. By understanding the talents/strengths and personalities of our coworkers and the ones we lead, we can better form and build stronger teams. Order class!


Classes 5-6: Build the Team, Parts 1: Creating and Managing Work Teams:

During this session, participants learn about the Five Steps to Building Strong Teams and develop an understanding of the importance of relationship building to the success of teams. Identifying team charters helps us to properly form a team with the best chance of succeeding. Managing these teams involves knowing which stage the team is in (forming, storming, norming, performing or adjourning/mourning) and how to successfully and strategically move teams through the stages to high performance. Order class!


Class 7: Build the Team, Part 3: Managing Communication:

Throughout the Leadership Academy, but especially during this session, participants learn about the power of storytelling and do so by practicing their storytelling abilities. We also delve into Leadership Communication behind the premise that your leadership is your communication and how to inspire and motivate employees around the concept that “tomorrow will be better than today if we do … .” A discussion on the chemicals released in the brains of the recipients based on a leader’s communication is generally an eye-opener. Order class!


Class 8: Leadership: Grow the Leader, Part 2:

We wrap up the personal mission statement for leadership during this session. With so many positive words to describe each person’s leadership styles and abilities, these positive messages, when coupled with the Personal Leadership Vision, creates a blueprint for their work as a leader in their respective organizations for the next 2-5  years. Participants select their leadership styles, too, and defend their choices and disclose how they plan to Use Their Words. Order class!


Class 9: Grow the Leader, Part 3: Work of Leaders:

Now, we put the work into action! Everything DiSC Work of Leaders sets out to show participants how to do three important things as a leader: Crafting a Vision for their operation or department through exploration, boldness and testing assumptions; Building Alignment through Clarity, Dialogue Building and Inspiration; and Championing Execution through Momentum, Structure and Feedback. Each participant leaves with an Action Plan and the ability to craft two other actions plans, if desired. Order class!


The 10th major tenet of our training involves followership. Two main topics here evolve around the concept that when we follow others, we are actually practicing our leadership skills for when it is out turn to lead and the notion, by definition, that you are a leader when you have developed a following you can deliver. It’s one thing to have great leadership skills, but another to actually have people who are willing to follow you. We need to provide evidence, each day, that as leaders we can be trusted. We talk about everything from levels of transparency appropriate for your workplace and succession planning. Order class!

You can download brochures with more information about the training program and materials we offer:

DiSC – Agile EQ

DiSC – Productive Conflict

DiSC – Work of Leaders

DiSC – Workplace


Are you ready to take the step toward effective communication in your organization?

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